söndag 31 juli 2011

Anders Zorn Part 2

Before I started my travel to Mora I decided to concentrate my studies mainly on his brushwork and the way he worked with his edges. I was concerned that I would be overwhelmed with information seeing everything and in the end nothing. I was happy to notice that one was allowed for personal use to shoot photos without using a flash.  The trouble was that I only have a lousy small camera and she didn't manage to make good pictures. From the over 200 shots I took most where a total loss. So guys, if you come to Sweden, bring a very good camera with you, you will be allowed to use it but without a flash.

Here is a shot I took of his brushes and his painting knife. In the right side of the picture I believe I see cobalt blue and ultramarine blue on his palette. If I am not mistaken I too saw a tube of cobalt blue in his painting box.
Anyhow the sign on the wall said that he used only zinc white, ivory black, light ochre, cinnabar and emerald green.

Here are some detail shots from the portraits I showed you in Zorn Part 1. If you click on each of the pictures you can see them much bigger and study the edges.

Have fun!

fredag 29 juli 2011

Anders Zorn Part 1

Hi everyone!

I just came back from a visit to Mora. I spend two days with my painting hero Anders Zorn, studied his work, his life and looked around in his home called Zorngården.

I am still deeply moved by the power of his portraits.

                                         I never before experienced that a painting was talking to me and yet it happened, it seemed that after hundred of years, the people he painted, are still alive and looking back at me, thinking, having feelings!

I came to Mora to study his technique but what impressed me most was the spirit in the paintings I found.
What I am happy about is that I now learned to see and judge a portrait. I will measure it by the voice it has. If the painting is not talking and the person portrayed has no life of its own it will not have worth to me, never mind how fancy it is painted.

I really learned this lesson after seeing Anders Zorns work. This will be my standard and I will know now when a portrait is talking or not.


torsdag 7 juli 2011

Art Prints of my Studio Paintings

Now it is possible to buy  high quality prints of my studio works!

I added a black button called "Imagekind", to my blog from where you are able to enter my on-line gallery any-time you want.
Buy my art at ImageKind.com.

  • In the print-gallery you can have  a look around at my paintings in a very high resolution.
  • You can even order high quality prints on paper or canvas.

(This painting is sold)

onsdag 6 juli 2011

The old farmhouse

Today's "plein air" effort was again the old farmhouse in the middle of our village. I painted the house some weeks earlier but nature had changed the scene so much that I wanted to paint the farm again. This time I choose a bigger view to include some of the sky. I was happy that mother nature placed some rather nice looking yellow bushes into the scene too.


The old farmhouse

Size: 10.5 x 7.5 inch
         27 x 19cm
        Oil on Panel

Price:  170 Euro

The shot was taken from my painting buddy Carlos after I finished working on the scene.