torsdag 30 juni 2011

My first floral portrait!

today I played a little Monet and went into my garden in search for a motive. I never painted flowers before and thought to challenge myself. I was never drawn to paint flowers, I always thought that this kind of job belongs to a group of old lady weekend painters. But I was in for a big surprise, I really like that kind of thing.
The only annoying interruption I had came from  a bunch of horseflies biting me in the back.

Wintertime when Sweden is loaded with snow and ice I plan to return to the studio and do some more flower still live paintings.


Pink peonies
Size: 12 x 9 inch
        31 x 22cm
        Oil on Canvas
Price:  465 Euro

If you want to have a closer look at the brush strokes, click on the image!

tisdag 21 juni 2011

Painting a cabin in the woods and then came the old guy!

Hi everyone!

I just came home with a painting. Boy I was lucky that it survived the curiosity of a senior citizens attack.
While I was painting the historic cabin, which the local museum had build up in the woods, an elderly man came over to me shouting for his wife to come over and to have a look at the artist and his painting.

She only gave a muffled sound of discontent and then she marched in the opposite direction.  Meanwhile he got real existed about the painting. Told me that he approves of my work and that I am a real artist because he really could see what I am painting.

He found it so funny that I painted all the rubbish on the left side of the cabin. He was hammering with his big finger on the wet canvas telling me that it was him putting all the old tools near the on the canvas.....on the left side of the cabin. And the old fishing on the canvas again.

I got real busy lifting the painting a bit but he followed me talking all the time and popping his fingers on the canvas. I thought I would faint but luckily nothing happens to the fresh paint. It must be a miracle that nothing happened to the painting as the old man was not shy at all telling his stories with a lot of gusto and animation.


Swedish Cabin
Size: 16 x11 inch
        40.5 x 28 cm
        Oil on Panel
Price: 525 Euro

If you want to have a closer look at the brush strokes, click on the image!

torsdag 16 juni 2011

Lucky me! The 1870 gave me a Kiss!

I believe that being an artist in 1870 had its advantages. Monet had a gardener and people fixing his food, so did Renoir. Not to mention Meissonier who had a whole staff attending to his needs. Think about it, only painting and the rest is taken care off.

Well, lucky me I got a glim's of that kind of Life today. My painting buddy L. took a day off but still followed along to share my painting day with me. He fixed a fire and the outdoors kitchen, while I, the "artist", did the painting. ;-)

It was a day of changes, rain, sun, misty air, clouds all changing within minutes. Sometime I had three hills in front of me and then 5 minutes later none. Everything was covered in a misty rainy air. At one time was the lake like a mirror and next time I looked over my shoulders I saw not a mirror but waves.

I started painting facing the lake, then after 20 minutes a stormy rain hit us and I moved into the little shelter. The trouble was that I could not face the lake, I needed light to see my canvas. So I turned my back to the scene to get more light on the canvas but I am sure that the fisherman watching us from the other side of the lake thought that I am nuts painting the inside of a shelter.

Happy painting!


Size: 10.5 x 7.5 inch
         27 x 19cm
        Oil on Panel

Price:  170 Euro

If you want to have a closer look at the brush strokes, click on the image!

måndag 13 juni 2011

Hardcore Painter .....hmmmm?!

Yesterday we enjoyed 30 degrees Celsius, I painted the little cabin of my neighbour and was forced to use a very big umbrella to shadow myself and the painting.
Living in the north of Sweden, we suffer snow and ice in the winter and in the summer we have the mosquitoes. After I finished the painting I was real tired of the heat, sweat and the bugs torturing my body.

Then today we suddenly suffered a temperature drop to 8 degrees Celsius with rain and cold. I went to paint a nearby lake scene and started to paint quite cheerful. The start of my painting looked promising and I thought it would be easy sailing.  Suddenly the weather changed the temperatures dropped and it started to rain.

I kept painting until the water running down the painting made it impossible for me to continue. I broke up and looked for a shelter.  I was determined to come home with a painting and kept painting, running back and force, out of the shelter looking at the scene, remembering how it looked, mixing colours, painting some brush strokes, running out again, looking at the scene, etc. etc.

When the painting was finished, I was finished too. I felt dizzy, very cold, and had a blood pressure drop. I really felt I needed some sugar. When I came home I only took the painting in the house and left all the painting gear in the car.

Sitting at the kitchen table with a hot coffee in my hand and lots of sugar in it, my son looked at me, shaked his head and said:

"Hardcore painter hmmmmm?!"

Here is the painting from today:

lördag 11 juni 2011

The trees in my garden

When I am too lazy to run around looking for a motive i turn to my own garden.
Here is a painting I did some days ago from my apple tree.

fredag 10 juni 2011

Old barn with special windows

My neighbour has a wonderful old barn with some special windows I really like. Every day I went around while going my usual round with our dog and thought that I really should paint the house and the windows but never did. Now, was the day and I went out into a stormy day. Sunshine and blasting winds, clouds moving fast but what a joy to paint. I made up my mind to finish a painting not matter what and had a blast. I simply trusted that it will work out. Here is the painting.

cheers and happy painting!

onsdag 8 juni 2011

A forest lake.

Today I was out painting at a wonderful lake. The sun was shining and I tried my best to capture the atmosphere there. Painting the water I noticed how much deeper I want to study the moving water with its sun reflections.