måndag 13 juni 2011

Hardcore Painter .....hmmmm?!

Yesterday we enjoyed 30 degrees Celsius, I painted the little cabin of my neighbour and was forced to use a very big umbrella to shadow myself and the painting.
Living in the north of Sweden, we suffer snow and ice in the winter and in the summer we have the mosquitoes. After I finished the painting I was real tired of the heat, sweat and the bugs torturing my body.

Then today we suddenly suffered a temperature drop to 8 degrees Celsius with rain and cold. I went to paint a nearby lake scene and started to paint quite cheerful. The start of my painting looked promising and I thought it would be easy sailing.  Suddenly the weather changed the temperatures dropped and it started to rain.

I kept painting until the water running down the painting made it impossible for me to continue. I broke up and looked for a shelter.  I was determined to come home with a painting and kept painting, running back and force, out of the shelter looking at the scene, remembering how it looked, mixing colours, painting some brush strokes, running out again, looking at the scene, etc. etc.

When the painting was finished, I was finished too. I felt dizzy, very cold, and had a blood pressure drop. I really felt I needed some sugar. When I came home I only took the painting in the house and left all the painting gear in the car.

Sitting at the kitchen table with a hot coffee in my hand and lots of sugar in it, my son looked at me, shaked his head and said:

"Hardcore painter hmmmmm?!"

Here is the painting from today:

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  1. Thank you Sadeu, I am happy you like my paintings.